Scale Model of the Solar System

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Scale Model of the Solar System

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The DVD shows the stages of the project from the delivery of the pillars, to the opening ceremony by well known Astronomer Commander Hatfield and the visit of Sir Patrick Moore in 2003.

Built from an initial idea conceived by D.P.Thomas MA. The survey and calculations were carried out on the basis of information from the U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington. Awarded the Rouse Kent Public Art Award in 2002. It is now linked with pillars in Los Angeles, USA & Australia, Falkland Islands, Christchurch and New Zealand and is the largest scale model of the solar system in the world.
You can walk the Otford pillars in 1 ½ hrs.

Watch Trailer 2 mins 57 secs. Full DVD 35 mins.


Length: 35 mins.

Produced: 2003.

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