Village Mosaic

  • Village Mosaic - the completed work of art
  • Village Mosaic - James Darby places in the last piece
  • Village Mosaic - Oliver applying mosaic tiles
  • Village Mosaic - Oliver works on the second panel
  • Village Mosaic - border tiles
  • Village Mosaic - completed panel lifted from the wall
  • Village Mosaic - panel detail

Village Mosaic

£12.50 £7.00

A comprehensive video showing the making of the Village Mosaic by Oliver Budd, one of the countries leading Mosaic Artists, with an interesting full working commentary. The Mosaic is situated in the High Street. The 12 metre long panel tells the story of Otford from the beginning of human history to the dawn of the 2nd Millennium. It is surrounded by 88 Ciment Fondu tiles depicting relevant articles of the era.

Watch Trailer 1 mins 48 secs. Full DVD 37 mins.

Product Description

Length: 37 mins.

Produced: 2001.

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